ILE for Youth

Young people from the Euro-Mediterranean area are also stakeholders in the ILE Project. They get involved the work of environmental associations in the partner regions in the form of Euro-Mediterranean Campuses and eco-volunteer missions organised during the project.
These eco-citizen participatory tools allow students to benefit from field-based training and the chance to put their skills and knowledge into practice to assist a local project.
The ILE Project enables future eco-citizens to develop or strengthen their skills through a professional or voluntary contribution to the environment.

Euro-Mediterranean Campuses for the environment and sustainable development:

Euro-Mediterranean campuses combine training workshops with action of the ground, all in solid partnership framework between local authorities and NGO’s.
They bring together young international eco-volunteers (aged 18-30) for 3 weeks to form multinational and multidisciplinary teams. The project partner organisations select participants in connection with the activity coordinator via a call for expressions of interest disseminated both locally and abroad.

Under the supervision of local specialists and professionals, the participants work as a team and follow a pre-defined learning programme. As such, the volunteers get involved in a local project linked to protecting the environment or sustainable development. They commit to fulfilling a mission determined by the organisation hosting the campus and to presenting their work in front of its members as well as other local partners and residents. 

Euro-Mediterranean Volunteers for the Environment 

The ILE Project young Mediterranean eco-volunteers help project partner associations to facilitate, undertake and deliver local participatory projects. Aged 18 to 30, these volunteers come from the project partner regions and join forces with local teams for 2-3 month volunteering missions. Participants are selected on the basis of a transnational call for project proposals. 

The purpose of these eco-volunteer missions is to boost the capacities of the host organisations by contributing to training the young people in ecology on the ground and in a multidisciplinary and intercultural approach. 

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Euro-mediterranean Campus 2015

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