The Eco-volunteers ILE

The ILE Project mobilised sixteen young Mediterranean Eco-Volunteers (18-30 years old) who helped out in local projects and/or other activities run by the project partner organisations.

These volunteers came from the areas where the project partners work to join local teams who provided them with logistical support, trained them and supervised them during their volunteer mission.

The mission lasts 3 months and volunteers were selected on the basis of a transnational call for participation launched by the Steering Committee.

Before they go, the Eco-Volunteers were trained using a common training matrix. On arrival, the host organisation provided additional training to:
- foster good relations between the host organisation and the volunteers
- introduce the volunteers to the project, to the local culture and language, etc.
- understand and share their motives and their aims
This support was provided throughout the volunteering mission.

Receiving Eco-Volunteers helps boost the activities of host organisations and contributes to training young people in the field of ecology as well as providing a cross-disciplinary and inter-cultural experience.

Eco-Volunteer Missions Quality Guide

This guide has been produced by the AMESCI Association which is the Italian partner in the ILE Project. It is geared to all organisations that want to host eco-volunteers in the best possible conditions.
It provides guidance on how to ensure good group dynamics, preparing the volunteer’s surroundings and their adaptation to the local culture, conflict resolution and also how to provide support and proper recognition for the work carried out.

Download the Guide

In 2015, the project ILE proposed 16 Eco-volunteers missions in France, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia.

Learn more about the Eco-volunteers who took part to the project ILE! 


The Eco-volunteering Diary

Access a virtual space where you will meet the young Eco-volunteers and learn about their experience in the “Eco-Volunteering Diary”!