Taking part to a Campus

Selection of participants
Campuses are open to students and young professionals from Europe and the Mediterranean with experience, interests or qualifications linked to the theme of the campus. There is no age limit for being a “young professional”! For example, people who are changing careers can certainly apply for a campus.
Participants are selected on the basis of application forms accompanied by a CV and a covering letter.

For each campus we select a team, which should integrate all the necessary skills, and reflect a diversity of geographical origins and gender. A list of required skills is provided for each campus.
Candidates may choose a number of possible campuses, indicating their preferred order on the application form.

Selection information is given, at the latest, a month after the closing date. Candidates will receive an e-mail informing them if they are selected/on the waiting list/refused. We select a candidate according to one of their choices only.

A selected candidate has one week to confirm his or her participation. Those who have not replied after this time are put aside and their places proposed to people on the waiting list.

Practical details
Registration for a campus costs 40 €, including obligatory membership of the association in charge of organisation (Union APARE-CME) and individual repatriation insurance cover for the duration of the stay.

Participants are responsible for travel arrangements and costs, to and from the campus.

Participants will be welcomed by local organisers. Food, lodging, local transport and leisure activities will be organised by the campus.

Work timetables and the programme of each day will depend on local customs and habits with, in general, a minimum of 30 hours per week in practical workshops, assisted by professionals. Campuses combine individual work and group work with the discovery of local culture and territories.

In case of cancellation:
- On our part: Total refund of participation costs.
- On your part: No refund will be made if you cancel less than 21 days before the start of a campus. In all other cases 30€ will be retained for administration costs.

Informations and registration:

Anne-Gaëlle Jay international (@) apare-cme.eu

tel : 0033