Civic action to adapt to climat change in Avignon, Provence - France

The challenge met by the local participatory project in Avignon: encouraging civic action to adapt to climate change

The Union APARE-CME put forward a partnership venture to Avignon Town Council on collective action to help citizens adapt to climate change. The aim was to support the local authority and local stakeholders in policies to address and adapt to climate change and, in particular, to foster the emergence of local civic action that complement local authority actions.

The project was run in two neighbourhoods of Avignon (Montfavet-Les Broquetons and Champfleury) with the aim of:
- improving understanding of climate change issues and required adaptation strategies by local residents;
- starting the implementation of local adaptation solutions supported by the residents in participatory workshops.

Informing and mobilising local residents through community centres and the campus

The partnership with Avignon Town Council took a long time to set up, but in agreement with local elected members and town council departments, local residents were mobilised through the neighbourhood community centres (La Maison pour tous Champfleury and the Centre Social et Culturel Espelido in Montfavet).

In Champfleury, awareness-raising activities were conducted with the leisure centre and a women’s group through 5 workshops entitled, “Champfleury and climate change”.

In the Broquetons, local residents were informed and mobilised through a campus in September 2015 and a neighbourhood survey with local people (questionnaires delivered door-to-door), a forum and the production of a booklet entitled, “Taking action in the Broquetons: our neighbourhood, our planet, taking action together for a better life.”

Courses of local action taking shape…

In the Champfleury neighbourhood, the community café started charting out courses of local action (consumption, waste local travel) to be finalised with local residents in 5 workshops.
In the Broquetons, two actions were developed with local residents:
- an experiment with a group of women on local food and local consumption;
- a replanting initiative in the neighbourhood, based on allotments management by the Espelido Community Centre, which helped run activities to raise awareness about biodiversity.

All proposals for action from the residents will be supported, enhanced and promoted to Avignon Town Council in 2016.

Project implemented by the Union APARE-CME in partnership with the Maison pour Tous Champfleury and Espelido