Development of organic farming at Small Scale region - Lebanon, Tyr

The ILE local project in Lebanon aimed at developing organic farming at Small Scale region and increasing the awareness of local consumers through the elaboration of an eco-consuming Guide.

The challenge: Overuse of Chemicals in Agriculture and Low awareness for consumers
The problematic identified in the Union of municipalities in Tyr Caza was the high Impact of overusing of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the environment (Soil and water pollution) and the low awareness of inhabitants towards the real impact of chemicals: What are the consequences on the environment and on our life and health?

Cooperation with Local Authorities, Project’s actions and stakeholders
At the beginning of the project, an agreement has been done with the Union of Municipalities to facilitate the implementation of the project activities in the different villages of the Union; the project has been supported by different local partners such as Union of Municipalities in Tyre, Imam Sadr Foundation Schools, Islamic University in Tyre, and Abbasieh High School.
In the framework of the ILE Local project ADR organize awareness sessions for farmers, students in School, High School and University. The project participates in the “Health Day” in the Islamic University of Tyre. As well organize the “Eco-consumption Day” at “Abasieh High School” in the presence of local authority, farmers, Inhabitants and Students where the “eco-consumption Guide” elaborated by the project team has been distributed. The Campus participants had a role in the local project since a sub-group of participants worked on the development of action plan to promote organic farming in the Union of Municipalities in Tyre and they make a survey for inhabitants. The encountered problem during the local project implementation was especially the low priority given to the environmental issue by the local authorities.


• More than 200 people receive awareness sessions on the impact of chemical overuse and the possible solutions.
• Elaboration of an action plan to apply eco-consumption practices in the Union of Municipalities in Tyre
• Elaboration of Eco-consumption Guide with the support of eco-volunteer.

The impact of the Project will take place in the coming years through the action plan that has been elaborated during the campus and since it proposes short and long-term measures to Local Authorities. Finally, one of the non-expected results was the start of application of “Waste sorting” in Tyre city that was proposed by the Campus’ participants.

Utilisation excessive de produits chimiques dans l'agriculture et manque de sensibilisation des consommateurs
Parmis les problématiques environnementales identifiées sur le territoire de l'Union des municipalités de Tyr Caza, la question des impacts de l’usage excessif des engrais chimiques et des pesticides sur l'environnement (pollution des sols et de l'eau) et le manque de sensibilisation des habitants quant aux impacts concrets des produits chimiques sur l’environnement et sur leur santé.

This local project was coordinated by ADR.