Fire Forest Prevention in Naples - Italy, Campania

The environmental issues and the local context

The project has been developed in the Province of Naples, exactly in the Park of Lattari Mountains, an area of 16.000 hectars and 120 Km of trails. The fires in the area are frequent and, even if limited in size, they devaste the dense vegetation increasing the risk of debris flows and mud flows that regularly occur every year after the first rainfall events at the end of summer.
The lack of territorial care and abandonment of waste of any kind and weeds are the principal problems in this area. The aim of the project has been to optimize the activities of forest fire fighting and to improve the perception of the emergency among the local population.

The dialogue process and mobilisation

The project has seen the realization of five main actions:
• Action A: Strengthening civic participation
• Action B: Increase of the sighting
• Action C: Improving knowledge of the territory
• Action D: awareness of young people at school age
• Action E: awareness of the agricultural component
All the activities have been realized thanks to the involvement of local and international volunteers and the concertation with local authorities, in oredr to obtain the permissions to act. Decisive for the implementation of the project has been the realization of the campus, it has permitted to improve some specific aspects related to the preservation of the territory and to give more visibility at the local actions among stakeholders and local authorities.

Projet results
The project has improved the knowledge of local population not only about fire risks, but about the vulnerability of the territory in general. The need to stud the fire risk phenomena in general has bring to analyze and stress the connections among different kind of risks and which are the factors affecting the territory’s vulnerability ( hydrogeological risks, debris flow risks, fire risks) and creating new transversal instruments of prevention. Thanks to the comparison with the best practices putted in act in other countries, international volunteers, participating to the campus, have proposed to local authorities new innovative actions to improve the monitoring and control of the territory.

Project prospects
Due to the positive feedback received by the local authorities and the intention to create stable protections on the territory by the Campania region, the project can guarantee the protection of the most critical points indetified during the activities, in order to put in act the study realized by volunteer during the project, improve qualitively and quantitatively the instrument already existing and replace the same kind of activity in other places, as well.


This project was coordinated by AMESCI