The network ILE in Greece

(*) signed the Charter of the Network ILE in the Mediterranean

  • Active citizen of Aegina - Island of Aegina

    The active citizen of Aegina is a group of residents and friends of Aegina. The main objective of the association is to discuss, analyse and propose solutions to various problems in the island in order to preserve its unique character, support the protection of its natural beauty and the wealth of its heritage. The organization takes an active role in community life by contributing positively to the community.

    The Active citizen of Aegina contributed to the organization of one of the first Campus of the project ILE, during summer 2014.

    Contact : Henri-Paul COLON (President),


  • “Aegina… Volunteers for the People and for the Environment” 

The association “Aegina… Volunteers for the People and for the Environment” operates exclusively with the support of volunteers and is not sponsored by any government body. It was started in December of 2008 by a small group of volunteers with the goal of providing real, tangible assistance to our fellow citizens in need. 
The mission of the association is to support and comfort families in need in our community through material, emotional, and spiritual means and to improve the quality of life of the people of our community. 

The association works with major supermarkets, which supply it once a month with food and cleaning supplies to be distributed to families in need. Over the course of nearly six years, the ever-expanding group of volunteers has grown to include more than sixty community members who assist the organization, either through financial contributions or through in kind donations, depending on our needs. 

Main activities are focused on social support (collection and distribution of food and other items to cover basic needs, networking of like-minded organizations, companies, and individuals, etc.), on cultural events with the purpose of gathering supplies for distribution and on the environment (beach and waterway cleanups, research on the preservation of the natural habitat in Aegina, school field trips to the forests, training and informational activities about environmental issues, etc.).

  • Friends of green - Island of Tinos

The association Friends of green started in 1975 and has now 500 active members, sharing the same objective. Its headquarter is located on the Greek island of Tinos (Cyclades). The association aims at the environmental protection and reforestation, and more generally at preserving the natural beauty of the island, the traditional architecture and uses.

The main projects of the association until today are:
Creation of a nursery ( 1977 - today )
Annual production of about 10,000 forest and fruit trees and flowers which are offered free of charge to local organizations or individuals for planting  
Plantings across Tinos
Repair and restoration of 148 traditional dovecots and of fountains on Tinos
Volunteer program for the protection of sloping land, in Tinos, by desertification due to erosion through reconstruction of terraces
Construction of 50 dams to enrich poor aquifers of the island
Beach cleaning


  • Nature Friends - Greece *

The Network Nature Friends Greece (NFGR) was founded in 2007.
Since 2008 NFGR is member of the historical, international, environmental organization Nature Friends International - NFI (, which was also founded in Vienna in 1895. NFGR Network counts members from across the country. The interest and actions of NFGR extend beyond natural environment.. Equally important for NFGR is the urban environment, the human rights, fair distribution of wealth, respect for diversity, degrowth, fair trade, food quality, the right to common goods, entertainment, education and culture.
NFGR network believes deeply in the cooperation of nations and citizens, both in European and global level, in order to defend the political and social rights. Furthermore, the Network protects and promotes Biodiversity, history and culture in local level, Greek products, landscape, which for NFGR consist the basic tools for
a) strengthening the local economy and
b) mild and multilateral environmental development of our country.

Naturefriends GR
Antheon 72, 12461, Chaidari - Tel/fax : 0030 2155257408
Email : -

  • Hellenic Mining Watch *
Founder of the Network ILE

Mediterranean Centre of Environment

* - Partner of the project ILE

Mediterranean Centre of Environment * – Attica - Partner of ILE
Mediterranean Centre of Environment * – Attica - Partner of ILE

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