The network ILE in Lebanon


  • Development for People and Nature Association
    The “Development for People and Nature” association was created in 2003. It is an independent grass-roots organisation based in Lebanon that promotes the sustainable development of people and places and works throughout Lebanon.

    The main targets are:
    - the promotion of civic education and civic participation
    - spreading a culture of peace, confidence and mutual understanding
    - protecting and promoting nature and the natural environment
    - initiating positive changes in local and national policies
    - capacity building in leadership among municipal staff and local stakeholders
    - supporting entrepreneurial initiatives in rural communities
    - supporting entrepreneurial initiatives and economic opportunities for young people and women in rural areas

    Contact: Elissa SHAMMA (Project Manager) 

  • Jarrah Scout Association
    The Jarrah Scout Association is a national Lebanese organisation. It was established in Beirut in 1937 and has 165 branches in all of Lebanon’s Governorates and some 8,000 volunteers. The association has no political or sectarian ties.
    Its aims are as follows:
    - Physically and intellectually strengthen new generations to serve the community and country;
    - Involve women in the development process and boost their role
    - Give young people the means to be fully-fledged stakeholders in developing the community
    The Jarrah Scout Association runs various activities in health, culture, and the social sphere (training volunteers to communicate with the elderly, activities for children aimed at developing their abilities and talents) and the environment (town square planting campaigns and rehabilitating public gardens, raising awareness about environmental protection, study campuses for schools and students, activities on waste management and biodiversity in nature reserves).

    Contact: Younès Ahmad (Public Relations Commissioner/South Commissioner) -
Founder of the Network
Association for the Development of Rural Capacities-ADR – Southern Lebanon - Partner of ILE
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