The network ILE in Tunisia

(*) : signed the Charter of the Network ILE in the Mediterranean

  • Oasis des Sciences
    The Oasis des Sciences is a new scientific association formed on 9 September 2012. Its aims are as follows:
    1-      Raise the enthusiasm of young people for the sciences and encourage them to take initiatives as well as develop innovation and excellence in the various fields of science.
    2-      Contribute to supervising and training young people in various scientific and technological specialities.
    3-      Ensure the link between the worlds of science and economy with a view to promoting development projects in the region.
    4-      Undertake scientific projects protecting the environment that provide added-value.

    The association has delivered more than 30 different actions including the creation of an ecological directory for the region, training for young people (ecological excursions, scientific camping trips), participation local and regional awareness-raising activities to preserve the environment.
    The association also works to promote dates from the oasis in the region by creating by-products with added-value to preserve the heritage of the oasis which is threatened with desertification.

    Contact: Hassen DAHMAN (President) -

    • Association du développement Durable de la ville d’OUDREF

     The main task of the Sustainable Development Association for the Town of OUDREF is to deliver the United Nations Development Programme 8 Millennium Goals:
    OMD 1. Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger
    OMD2. Achieving universal primary education
    OMD 3. Promoting gender equality and empowering women
    OMD 4. Reducing infant mortality
    OMD 5. Improve maternal health
    OMD 6. Combat HIV/Aids, malaria and other diseases
    OMD 7. Ensure environmental sustainability
    OMD 8. Introduce and global partnership for development 

    It seeks to encourage local people to be part of the thought process to introduce solutions for environmental improvements and subsequently, living conditions, especially for health.  
    The ASSOCIATION DU DEVELOPPEMENT DURABLE DE LA VILLE D’OUDREF has 18 projects in total, 3 of which have an environmental focus:
    - Preparation of a bid to create an agricultural area enabling citizens to have a minimum of self-sufficiency by encouraging organic farming which still has a promising market.    
    - Protecting the environment and the oasis by awareness-raising activities, planting a new generation of palm trees and providing solutions to clean up the region.  
    - Annual peace prize, development and innovation, particularly in terms of the environment.

    Contact: Abderrazak BEN HAMMOUDA (President) -

    • Association la Mémoire de la Ville de Hammamet (AMVH) 

    The mission of the association is:
    - to help document individual and collective recollections of the city of Hammamet by developing a specialised library for research, study and multidisciplinary translations on the history, geography, heritage, economy and the society of Hammamet
    - to encourage, amongst others, degree-level, master’s and doctorate final year study projects on the city of Hammamet
    - to denounce offences committed against the city of Hammamet.  

    It has a number of projects under its belt including the organisation of a study day on special delegations at the Municipality of Hammamet and a project on land-use planning in Hammamet.


    • Association: Tunisia Think Tank Foundation

    The Tunisia Think Tank Foundation (TTT) is a non-profit making organisation created in 2014. It specialises in multi and inter-disciplinary thinking around 4 focal points of interest: Citizenship and civic values, Society, the Land and the Sustainable Development model.  

    10 strategic thematic priorities methodologically structure these 4 key points:
    1.      Forward planning and projection studies;
    2.      Empowerment and Resilience;
    3.      Education, Culture and Sciences;
    4.      Citizenship, Governance and Philanthropy;
    5.      Geopolitics and International Relations;
    6.      Food, Water, Energy, Climate Change and the Environment;
    7.      Sustainable Security and tackling Terrorism and Organised Crime;  
    8.      Opinion and Political Discourse;
    9.      Development Strategies;
    10.  Family, Society and Intercultural Dialogue.
    11.  The Foundation’s three-pronged approach to action is: Communication, Networking, Partnership. All predispositions to cooperation are statutorily announced. 

    By working with and adopting 20 associations, the TTT drafting a “White Paper” on a new vision of development specific to Tunisia as part of its developmental transition. A “Coalition Civile pour 1 Développement Propre” has been jointly created with 8 partner associations and open to other associations, parties and personalities to come up with an outline for the Vision of Development for the new Tunisia.   

    Contact: Ameur JERIDI (President) -

  • Association Al Ghayth *

  • Association Volontaires Sans Frontière

  • Réseau RANDET *

  • Rotary Hammamet *

  • Forum de la Citoyenneté à Hammamet *

  • Fédération Tunisienne de l’Environnement et du Développement *

  • Association la Mémoire de la Ville d’Hammamet *

  • Club UNESCO Mourouj *

  • Association des Amis du Belvédère *

  • Association des habitants d’El Mourouj *
  • Association Santé Environnement Sfax *

  • Lions Club Nabeul les Jasmins *

  • Association d’Education des Adultes *

  • Association Tourisme et Environnement (ETE+) *

  • Jeune Chambre Internationale *
ILE Partners
  • Association d’Education Relative à l’Environnement d’Hammamet-AERE * – Nabeul - Partner of ILE

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